Review of Juice Plus company

Most of the reviews explain that Juice Plus is a company engaged in Health and Wellness industry that deals in whole food based nutritional products. The nutritional products presented by the company are intended to complement a healthy diet rather than a replacement. It adopts a Multilevel Marketing organizational and distribution structure.

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Numerous customers and distributors have had great results with the products. Nonetheless, there are still some issues lingering whether or not Juice Plus is really efficient. When people learn about the business model of Juice Plus, more often than not, they equate it with a “Pyramid Scheme”. Hopefully, if you read this, we already agree on the fact that the Network Marketing industry as a whole is not the cause of all the claims…

Are Juice Plus reviews talking about the shape of the organization?

Well, it has a pyramidal shape, like any other traditional business, religious or political organizations. When people learn the idea behind the business, one can’t help but wonder that the people on top are the only ones who make money like in typical corporations. Most of the time, if that happens, it is because the compensation plan offered by the company rewards the top executive more than the newcomers, which, in my opinion is wrong. It should always be balanced in terms of percentage of compensation. But we can say that it all depends on the effort and hard work exerted by every single person.

It is imperative to understand that all legitimate Network Marketing companies set up each of their own business compensation plan with the intention to pay the distributors fairly after a successful exchange of products or services. Each distributor is given the same business opportunity and it all depends on their hard work and strategy to make the business opportunity works for them.

Most bad Juice Plus reviews are not what they seem…

Most of the negative Juice Plus reviews are written by disgruntled former distributors who were unsuccessful with the business. But most of the time it is not due to the company itself but just because of a lack of proper marketing training and upline support. There may also be some frustrated family and friends who got tired of always being talked to about the wonderful products that they have little or no interest about. And there are people who have very limited knowledge about the industry and heard negative comments from others assumed that all companies are bad.

You must realize that unhappy and unsuccessful people are always much louder than happy one. Of course! The happy ones are too busy making more money!

The bottom line after reading many Juice Plus reviews

If you read many Juice Plus reviews, or any other company reviews online, you discover that there is a clear pattern: The company has a proven successful business model that has been followed since 1993. And that’s the genuine truth behind the Juice Plus business.

The one notion that is lacking is a clear understanding of how to build a serious business, how attraction marketing works and how you can use simple marketing strategies to generate hundreds of leads for your business.