Alcohol Rehabilitation: FAQs

If you are suffering from alcoholism, alcohol rehab programs could be the means to get your health and wellness and also life back on track. For numerous people it is the most effective means to kick their alcohol dependency permanently.
It’s understandable that there could be some concerns you’ll have about alcohol rehabilitation and we’ll address one of the most typical ones here.

alcohol-rehab-programsWhat is alcohol rehab?

Rehab is short for rehab. During alcohol rehabilitation individuals usually undergo a personalised programme of treatment which helps them to get alcohol out of their system, quit drinking and to readjust to a life without alcohol.

Alcohol rehab is usually gone through in a specialist rehab center however it can also be undertaken on a non-residential basis.

Who is rehab for?

If alcohol is causing problems in your life, alcohol rehab could well be for you. If you’re drinking excessive, drinking alone, drinking in the early morning or feel that you have generally blown up of your alcohol consumption habits, a period in a rehabilitation centre could help you finish alcohol’s hold over you.

If you’re concerned about your drinking, it is well worth speaking with your General Practitioner or an alcohol support worker, that will certainly provide advice and guidance and might refer you to a rehabilitation clinic. In many cases you can refer yourself to a rehabilitation centre.

What is detox?

Most alcohol addiction treatment programmes will include a detox process. Detoxing is required at the beginning of the healing program because it rids the body of toxins and alcohol. Detoxing can help to reduce the cravings for alcohol, although these are, at least initially, likely to be minimised rather than removed.

Once alcohol is out of the system, people could concentrate on changing their behaviour and habits relating to alcohol.

Detox can have some unpleasant side-effects such as feeling sick and vomiting, shivering, sweating and hallucinating. Detox should always be undergone with clinical advice or guidance. If undergone in an alcohol rehab centre, there will be a physician on hand to constantly monitor and sustain you throughout the procedure.

What happens after detox?

Alcohol rehab does not end with detox. Clients will also receive therapy and counselling to help them change their behaviour and habits and making sure they have the best chance possible of quitting drinking permanently.

Can I stay in touch with my family?

The specific rules around visiting and contact vary between individual clinics. However, in most cases visits will be allowed during allocated times and telephone calls are permitted. However, there will certainly sometimes be a degree of monitoring (which patients will be made aware of) to make certain that there is no drinking going on. For more info, please visit