Colon Cleansing the natural way

A great alternative to hanging out and watching the Super Bowl game – especially if you have no idea or interest in it – is making Sunday a day of self-care centered around another bowl – in the bathroom!

A private colon cleansing session in your bathroom can be a Super Day for your Bowel especially if your lower intestines have been a bit sluggish and aren’t emptying comfortably enough for you, or if you are feeling toxic and need a cleansing.

There is a difference between a nutritional cleanse and a mechanical cleanse.

Nutritional cleansing is where you would take supplements or ingest something to cleanse.

Mechanical colon cleansing is where you literally wash out the colon with water, soapy water, or a therapeutic variation (some people use salts/baking soda/essential oils in their water).

I’m going to briefly give you some tips on doing this in your bathroom by yourself – without having to buy any special equipment worth hundreds of dollars (like a colema board or a colonic machine).

As a nurse and certified colon therapist and a long time proponent of colon cleansing for health and beauty, I believe everyone needs to have an understanding of this option for self care, especially women.

I think that colon cleansing helps prevent breast cancer. This is just my hunch, but its a strong one. I often wonder how many women who are diagnosed with breast cancer have a history of constipation. I don’t think there are any studies on this – but if any of you know of any please let me know. This is a huge interest of mine – but that is all for another article.

Anyway …

These tips can answer many questions that you may have if you have considered cleansing at home.

This is not a step by step instructional. It’s just information to get you started either thinking about it, trying it for yourself, or learning more.

Colon cleansing with water has been done for eons. The Essenes did it with river water and the Egyptians with herbal concoctions.

Many of you reading this probably had a grandmother or great grandmother who used enemas as a way to heal the body of sickness.

The holistic approach to a home baking soda enema for a general colon cleanse is not about going to the pharmacy and buying a Fleets pre-mixed liquid in a disposable container and using that (as in preps for medical procedures – although it does cleanse).

The home enema for a general cleansing is about using distilled water at room or body temperature with your own personal (reusable) equipment.

The equipment that I recommend runs under $20 and can be purchased at many local drug stores. It would be a kit consisting of a red hot water bottle and tubing and a few different nozzles, one of which is an enema nozzle tip.

You can warm up a gallon of distilled water by submerging the closed bottle in the bathtub full of hot water for a short time. You would want to get it to be even with your body temperature.

You would not use sink water because it has chlorine and that would kill the good flora.

Yes, the flora will be slightly affected with a gentle enema but if you are using water or even gentle soapy water it won’t be that disruptive.

Many colon therapists will open an acidophilus capsule and put it in the final rinse water with your colonic – and you could do the same with your enema.

Think of this as an internal bath where you are just rinsing out the lower colon. The benefits are amazing – such as a fresh taste in your mouth, the whites of your eyes get brighter, your skin feels softer, you can breathe easier – and this is only a few things of what can happen, even after one little cleanse!